Child Recovery Europe’s  Investigators routinely operate within Ireland located to the West of the UK..

From our office in the UK, we have easy access to Ireland, and can deploy either a team or one operative to deal with all Parental Abduction issues.

Our Consultants are experts with many years experience in Parental Abductions, The Hague Convention, and the local laws of Ireland.

Our contacts on the ground within the Local Authorities and law Enforcement have assisted CRE on previous cases once we had located the abductor and child.

We also can liaise with an Irish Lawyer, a specialist lawyer in cross border parental abductions should you decide to enforce your orders through the Hague Convention and local family courts. (We can assist you in the completion of the Hague Convention Documentation and submission)

We also provide a full recovery service from Ireland to any European Country and beyond, quickly and safely. This is the quickest option. Utilising the Hague Convention and courts can take years and prove very expensive. For information on our recovery services, see our reverse parental abduction service.

Our investigators all come from a variety of backgrounds including the Military and Law Enforcement, This has enabled Child Recovery Europe to provide a very specialist service for all left behind parents.

For further information or urgent assistance, Contact CRE today or alternatively complete the contact form below.