When a parent suddenly parentally abduct their child or children, it can be difficult for those who remain to find them. Tracing overseas especially in Europe, is a specialists field and requires a lot of professional expertise and expert knowledge because there are a huge number of things to take on board throughout the investigation.

If the tracing is not done correctly, from the very start, you may have to give up and chances of ever being able to find the abducting parent or your child. This is why it is absolutely essential to make sure you choose the right Parental Abduction Investigators to find them.

As a Parental Abduction Agency we are very highly regarded in Europe for conducting professional, successful tracing within Europe. The majority of our European tracing are dealt with by our own expert investigators, all highly experienced in Parental Abductions. We think like the abducting parent.

Our European presence and multilingual staff means we will locate the abducting parent and your child or children quickly and with very little fuss, no matter where in Europe they may be. These capabilities and our unique access to a wide variety of National and European resources, is something that the majority of our competitors cannot offer, which is why we are one of the leaders in our field.

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