April 12, 2021

Child Recovery Europe

International Parental Abduction Consultants


Child Recovery Europe is a leading European Consultancy based in Central Europe that specialises in international parental kidnapping commonly referred to as International Parental Abductions.

Our Investigators are highly trained operatives in the various aspects of international parental abductions

All of our specialists come from a variety of backgrounds from the Police to Ex Military; providing a broad range of surveillance and operational skills.

Each with a Unique knowledge of the Hague Convention and laws appertaining to Parental Abductions.

We provide a cost effective solution concerning any Parental Abductions, and do, what lawyers cannot or will not do. We will recovery any parentally abducted children in Europe to any country worldwide.

Child Recovery Europe’s services cover all parental abductions cases with:



A Cost Effective Solutions

Professional & Reliable Results

If your child or children have been abducted, contact CRE today for expert advice.

Contact us direct:

Email: info@childrecoveryeurope.eu

Or alternatively telephone:

Telephone: +32 498 462 105 (Also via WhatsApp)