Covert Surveillance

Our covert surveillance is a means by which we obtain concrete evidence in our international parental abduction cases.


The information obtain can be used as evidence in court if required. The evidence gathered through surveillance is quite often the most valuable and convincing evidence available in a court of law. It has assisted many of our clients in obtaining a successful return of their children.

It will either  prove or disprove cases as long as the correct investigative practices in line with the law. All video, photographic and audio evidence must be of a high standard.


At Child Recovery Europe, we conduct a full covert surveillance prior to any reverse parental abduction operation or whilst assisting a left behind parent with any court cases.

At Child Recovery Europe, we utilise the latest technology to assist in our covert surveillance. This includes using remote cameras, trackers and listening devices. All of our operatives are highly trained in the art of covert surveillance gained from many years experience in law enforcement and the military.

Our covert surveillance will operate from either a fixed or static location, on foot or using specially adapted vehicles to gather the required information.

If required we will also deploy hidden listening devices.

If your child has been parentally abducted or require assistance in obtaining information for court action. Contact CRE today for expert assistance.