April 12, 2021

Child Recovery Europe

International Parental Abduction Consultants

Child Recovery Europe has unrivalled experience in the recovery of internationally parentally abducted children to and from Germany.

From our offices in Brussels Belgium, we can immediately start to look for your abducted child or children using our unique trace facilities. You do not need a court order to trace them.

We would then once traced, perform a covert surveillance operation to ascertain their lifestyle, including which school they attend, who they are living with, places they go.

If you have the necessary court orders in place, we could then proceed to a full recovery operation and return your child or children back to their country of residence.

If no orders are in place, we would prior to tracing your child or children assist you in obtaining the necessary orders.

Our reverse parental abduction servicewill reduce the time it will take to recover your children via The Hague convention treaty. We have successfully reduced this time from 6 months down to a few weeks on many occasions.

During the operational planning phase, we will ensure that you and your child and children will remain safe and secure at all times. This is a priority to us at Child Recovery Europe.

Our experienced staff come from a variety of backgrounds from Law Enforcement to Military and will advise you every step of the way.



“we will locate, secure and return all Parentally abducted or Kidnapped child or children to their country of origin.”

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