April 12, 2021

Child Recovery Europe

International Parental Abduction Consultants

Mathieu Pierre Etienne was abducted by his mother Christine Etienne on the 1st September 2013 from Australia to France.

She went to France to visit relatives and failed to return Mathieu to his father Michael Macintosh. She is not entitled to retain Mathieu as she does not have legal custody.

Christine Etienne was ordered by the courts in both Australia and France to return Mathieu to his father Michael.

Instead, she fled across the border into Belgium.

Despite knowing her location which had been reported, the Belgian Police have shown no interest in helping to recover Mathieu.

She is currently working as a Psychologist in Moha Belgium. Previously working at a hospital in 2016 she suddenly went sick from the hospital.

To date, she has been completely unresponsive to all forms of attempted contact. It is known she is being helped by friends to avoid returning Mathieu to his father.

Mathieu Pierre Etienne

Date of Birth:  01/04/2004

Height: Approximately 150 cms

Weight: Approximately 42 Kgs

Hair: Blonde

Abducted: 01 September 2013.

Known Location – Belgium.

Previously attended the Athénée Royal Pierre Paulus School in Brussels.

Parental Abductor

Christine Etienne

Mathieu is currently listed as a yellow alert on Interpol. INTERPOL

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