April 12, 2021

Child Recovery Europe

International Parental Abduction Consultants

Mathieu Pierre Etienne Macintosh

Mike’s son Mathieu Pierre Etienne Macintosh was abducted by his partner Christine Etienne in 2013 as previously reported in here.

Mike has released a you tube appeal with a personal message for Mathieu.



Mike was awarded full custody. To date, the French Police have failed in their investigations to trace Mathieu, despite knowing Christine Etienne has lived previously and who she has lived with.

Christine Etienne is an expert at finding men, living with them until she no longer needs them.

The Hague Central Authority in Brussels Belgium who became involved after Christine was located in Belgium, failed to assist.

They made enquiries of sorts, basically checking Facebook and social media, from this they concluded that it was not the same Christine Etienne although the private investigator concerned actually confirm her correct details.

Mike visited the Belgium Central Authority, in which they were not interested in talking and were in fact very rude and obnoxious.

Enquiries are still being made by the private investigator and we will not rest until Mathieu is returned home.