Parental Abduction Legalities

Alarmingly, the amount of reports of international parental kidnapping or international parental abductions are reported internationally. Read our Parental Abduction Statistics page.

International Parental Kidnapping or International Parental Abductions can involve highly complex legal issues.  It is more common for a child or children to be removed during marital disputes.

The reported Incidents of international parental kidnappings or International Parental Kidnapping are on the increase.

The abductors involved in parental kidnapping take the child or children from their normal surrounding and suddenly isolate them from their normal routines, family, and friends.

In a lot of cases, the victim is moved constantly moved from one location to another in order to remain hidden from the left behind parent.

In some cases, the abducting parent involved in the kidnapping, alters the child or children’s physical appearance even the name and the date of birth and in a few cases even the gender.

The victims of Parental Kidnapping suffer severe emotional and psychological issues, this in turn, not only affects them during childhood, but also during adulthood.

The parental abduction legalities is vast and complex, with each country having its own individual legal jurisdiction and legal practices.

The Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is a multilateral treaty. We have listed the Hague Convention signatories and  Hague Convention non signatories.

The Hague Convention is a treaty which aims to protect a child or children from the very harmful effects of parental abduction and retention across international borders. It is a procedure laid down to bring about their return to their country of origin.

There are no legal rights held by The Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference and it cannot assist in individual parental abduction cases and therefore cannot provide any legal aid or assistance. The Hague Convention Treaty only deals with the issue of residency and not citizenship.

The Hague Convention Treaty, is precisely that, an agreement/treaty signed by countries in an effort to ease the return of children. Unfortunately in the majority of cases it is of no use.

The left behind parent, often spends thousands which involves years fighting legally through different court jurisdictions, and in most cases fail. Obtaining a successful lawyer who specializes in international parental abductions is quite often impossible.

Getting the right legal support and advice is important, but you must act fast and get help immediately from experience and seasoned professionals. A Reverse Parental Abduction is a favoured option, for the left behind parent.

Provided the left behind parent has all of the necessary legal documentation, in the majority of countries, it is legal to recover your child or children, although in some countries it could be classed as illegal

Our Reverse Parental Abduction services is cheaper, safer, and will prevent your child or children from suffering the effects of emotional harm and possible mental issues.

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