Parental Abductions Statistics

Parental Abductions Statistics

International Parental Abduction is of a great concern in the world today.

Official Parental Abduction figures for the UK:

•    412 new referred cases of child abduction in 2005,

•    442 in 2006,

•    468 in 2007,

•    512 in 2008,

•    and 546 in 2009.

From 2009, these figures have increased alarmingly.

The above figures only represent the cases actually reported.

There are many more cases that are not reported, the figures shown above, are only an estimate of the actual numbers of abductions.

In the United States, there is approximately 350,000 children reported missing each year. Although not every abduction is due to parental abductions.

Child Recovery Europe have specialised in Parental Abductions for over 10 years. We have a clear understanding involving the Legalities of Parental Kidnapping, and the problems associated with the Parental Abduction.

You must act quickly when a Parental Kidnapping has occurred.

Child Recovery Europe have a  team of ExpertConsultants on standby ready to deploy at short notice to any country globally.

Although obtaining the right legal advice and support is advisable, CRE can and will do what the legal system cannot do. We will return your child or children, safely and quickly.

We have clear and first hand knowledge of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Parental Child Abduction.

Unfortunately, the Hague Convention in approximately 90% of actual reported cases can actually can cause more harm  and can ruin your chances of your child or children being returned to you.

It cannot assist you legally.

Please see our Legalities Page.

If your child or children have dual nationality the legalities becomes more complex.

The country where the child or children have been moved to, the child or children will be classed as a citizen of that country. It could take years to fight your case in the legal system only to fail.

CRE, can resolve the legalities and the complex problems involving Dual Nationalities legally and quickly.

There are 3 main Categories of Child Abduction:

•    Abduction – This is where the child is removed out of jurisdiction without the Left Behind Parents consent. This could be a criminal offence, but not every case of abduction.

•    Wrongful Retention – This is where a child is retained in another country after an overseas visit or vacation.

•    Threat of Abduction – This is where there is an  threat or great risk that a child or children  will be taken out of country.

If your child or children have been parentally kidnapped or there is a high threat of abduction, Contact Child Recovery Europe immediately

We will provide you with expert advice and also plan with you directly a child recovery operation.

Please see our Reverse Parental Abduction Page

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