Child Recovery Services

At Child Recovery Europe, our International Parental Child Abduction Recovery Services is a means in which we locate, secure and return all Parentally abducted or Kidnapped child or children to their country of origin.

Attempting to have your children or child returned through the foreign jurisdiction’s legal system, can be very costly and very time consuming.

Courts in foreign territories in most cases, will not recognise or observe the decisions made by courts or legal systems of the originating country

Reverse Parental Abduction

At Child Recovery Europe our Reverse Parental Abduction Service, is a safe and secure method to return your child or children home quickly.

Our method will save you time and money and the anxiety of wondering if you will ever see your child or children again.

Covert Surveillance

Our covert surveillance is a means by which we obtain concrete evidence in our international parental abduction cases.

At Child Recovery Europe, we conduct a full covert surveillance prior to any reverse parental abduction operation or whilst assisting a left behind parent with any court cases.


When a parent suddenly parentally abduct their child or children, it can be difficult for those who remain to find them. Tracing overseas especially in Europe, is a specialists field and requires a lot of professional expertise and expert knowledge because there are a huge number of things to take on board throughout the investigation.


If your child or children have been abducted, time is of the essence.

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We will advise you the next steps you should take.

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